Best Tool Storage Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

According to the tool storage market report by Factmr, the tool storage market will witness steady growth during 2021-2031. The demand for tool storage will steadily recover in the short term, and the long-term growth prospects are promising. It is estimated that by the end of 2031, the global tool storage product market size is expected to reach 2.6607 billion US dollars.

While it is easier for tool users, DIYers, and tool storage product end users to find better tool storage products in stores or online shop, it might not be the same for tool storage retailers or distributors.

Many issues such as product design and quality, prices offered by tool storage suppliers and international trade freight costs make it difficult to find a good tool storage manufacturer.

If you are a purchaser of tool storage products and want to wholesale import customized tool storage products, and you are also facing the above problems, then congratulations! This blog will introduce you a complete list of manufacturers of tool storage (including tool boxes, tool cabinets, tool bags) so that you can find a reliable tool storage manufacturer.

Let’s get started!

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Tool Bag Manufacturers

#1 Unionwear


Tool Bag Manufacturer

Embroidered Tool Belts, Printed Tool Rolls, Nylon Tool Buckets, Made To Order Tool Backpacks

Made In USA

Would you like to see the words “Made In USA” again? Unionwear is a USA-based tool bag manufacturer that employs 175 people in their 70,000-square-foot facility in Newark, NJ, they manufacturer baseball caps, winter knits and a wide variety of bags including tool bags.

Unionwear’s custom made tool bags are sturdy enough to hold plenty of tools and other important gear. Having the custom tool bags that is personalized to your own style, color and size preferences will ensure that no one will mistake your tool bags are copied from others.

In 2016, Unionwear was the recipient of the Raymond Hopp Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Manufacturing at the annual NJ Manufacturing Awards sponsored by NJ Biz and NJMEP.



Tool Bag Manufacturer

Soft sided tool bags, Open tote tool bags, Tool backpacks, Tool belts, Tool pouches, Bucket tool bags, Tool rolls, etc

Professional manufacturer of wide range of tool bags, With original design, Accept OEM and ODM

At IRONLAND, they themselves as a professional tool bag manufacturer with a full range of quality products and the provider of global tool bag B2B solutions. They are committed to the development of versatile tool bags designed for different fields.

Their factory is located in Hangzhou, China, with 3 workshops which cover an area of 10000m2 and more than 100 experienced employees.

In the past years, they have accumulated valuable experience in tool bag industry and developed their oversea business. they did OEM/ODM for 100+ global brands including some famous such as Bosch, HILTI, Truper, Johnson Controls.

Choose IRONLAND as your tool bag supplier, you can get the lowest factory price, get professional custom tool bag solutions and easily build your brand tool bag product line.

#3 Junyuan Bags


Tool Bag Manufacturer

Tool bag, Sneaker bag, Diaper bag, Picnic backpack, Travel bag, golf bag, Backpack, Leather bag

Designer And Manufacturer Of Various Bags

Junyuan Bags is a manufacturer of tool bags and a variety of bags, their owner Marvin Zhang is a bag designer and maker and has always indulged in a passion for well-made and well-designed bags.

Therefore, Junyuan Bags has outstanding design capabilities, they provide OEM and ODM services, and help clients to customize tool bags and realize clients’ ideas. It is worth mentioning that Junyuan Bags has been recognized by the well-known tool bag brand Veto Pro Pac.

Junyuan Bags aspires to be the world’s top bag designer and manufacturer.

#4 Sar Tool Bags


Tool Bag Manufacturer

Leather tool apron, Leather tool belt, Leather tool pouch, Polyester tool bags

Leather Tool Bag Made In India

SAR TOOL BAG is a leather tool bag manufacturer from India, their main products are leather tool belts and pouches. They have a leather tannery and a sewing factory in Jalandhar Punjab center with the latest technology and machinery, they employ many experienced workers, which makes their products of high quality.

They obtained the ISO9001 registration certificate in 2015.

If you prefer leather tool bags, leather tool belts or leather tool pouches, they are your reliable supplier.

#5 Keenfield

Tool Bag Manufacturer

Tool bags, Outdoor bags, Leisure bags, Sports bags

Supplier Of Facom

Keenfield was originally established in 1996 in China’s light industrial base Quanzhou, and they mainly manufacture various tool bags, sports bags and outdoor bags.

With the advantages of the local industrial chain, they have very rich experience in material selection, manufacturing process and delivery time. Keenfield provides a one-stop sourcing service from design to manufacturing to shipping. Eco-friendly recyclable materials are available.

As the supplier of Facom, they supply Facom with a large number of tool backpacks every year.

Tool Box Manufacturers

#1 Bull Metal

Tool Box Manufacturer

Custom tool boxes, Storage cabinets, Steel cabinets, Electrical enclosures, Metal boxes, Beverage displays

Custom Tool Box Made In USA

Bull Metal is a Tool Box Manufacturer which have a modern factory of 5000 square feet and have a lot of advanced equipments, including but not only: 2*Shears, 13*Punch Presses From 10 Tons To 100 Tons, 2*Coil Lines (For Hard-Tooled Moderate To High Production Volumes), 2*CNC Turret Presses Wire Straightener And Cutting Machine, 14*Resistance Welders (Spot Welders)

Their custom metal fabrication expertise can provide you with products that not only meet their own high standards for quality but the standards from organizations such as NEMA, NFPA, NSCA, SME, and UL.

Computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment allows for production of precision component parts. All sheet metal parts take shape by being formed with one of their EIGHT CNC brake presses.

They also provide partial or full mechanical assembly services allowing for a complete turn-key solution for your procurement process. From 50 pieces to 50,000 pieces, you’ll get the same personalized customer service, fast turnaround, and quality products.

#2 Meijia Tool

Tool Box Manufacturer

Plastic tool boxes, Hardware tool box, Metal tool box, Garden tool box, Security tool box, Tool cabinets, Fishing box.

Oversized Tool Box Manufacturer With 900 Workers

Ningbo meijia tool co., Ltd. is a manufactory and exporter specialized in tool box, fishing box and tool kit box with materials of PP, metal, aluminum, cloth.

They have dozens of top expert engineers and technical cadres. Their number of employees is as high as 900 people, and they have 160 injection molding machines of 800g-1000g. The combined area of their new and old factories exceeds 100,000 square meters.

They have advanced production equipment and management technical team. The company has ISO9001 and ISO 14000 quality system certification. They also have EU ROHS, PAHS, GS, SGS quality system certification.

The city where their tool box company is located, Ningbo, China is one of the top three ports in the world, which is very convenient for transportation and export.

#3 RC Tool Box

Tool Box Manufacturer

Tool Box, Metal Tool Box, Truck Tool Box, Custom metal fabrication, Metal bumpers

Experts In Truck Tool boxes

They own with 115,000 square feet under roof in USA. They design, manufacture, and sell a wide variety of tool boxes inside. They are a group of people with a huge passion for metal fabrication.

The tool boxes they produce that remain reliable in the harshest, dirtiest environments. More bend lines and fewer welds to eliminate leak points. Hardware and fasteners utilize heavier gauge stainless steel for rust prevention and they choose for durability rather than for price. Powder coating is specified for longevity and is continuously tested in their factory for compliance.

They are proud to retain 99.4% of our existing customers. That is a testimony to the RC product and the team that supports those products. Less than 1 out of 1000 orders has a warranty claim.

Whether you’re interested in aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel manufactured goods, you will receive superior products.

Tool Cabinet Manufacturers

#1 Kennedy

Tool Cabinet Manufacturer

Tool cabinets,  Steel tool chests,  Roller cabinets,  Side cabinets,  Visual tool control

The first one in USA to make toolboxes and storage cabinets

American ingenuity at work, Howard & Charles Kennedy created the country’s first metal toolboxes and storage cabinets over a century ago. Today, the first is still the finest.

Kennedy Manufacturing is an industry leader in steel tool chests, tool roller cabinets, side cabinets and visual tool control. From the machinist chest first manufactured in the 1910’s to the roller cabinets and chests produced today, Kennedy has continued its tradition of industrial quality, security and durability.

Today you will still find Kennedy located in Van Wert, OH producing and marketing to the industry an array of classic and innovative tool storage equipment worldwide. Kennedy is trusted by generations before you, built to serve generations after you.

#2 Shureusa

Tool Cabinet Manufacturer

Tool storage cabinets, Workbench systems, Shop equipment, Parts department & storage solutions

One of America’s Best Tool Cabinet Manufacturers

Shure dates back to 1910. The co-founders in 1941 to open a metalworking shop supplying needed wartime goods throughout World War II is the foundation of his legacy that has made their company what it is today. Shure Manufacturing Corporation is a third-generation, family-owned and operated company.

You don’t have to worry about their equipment and product quality. They started by fabricating products for General Motors service centers. Since then, they’ve provided custom and ready-made shop equipment for automotive manufacturers and dealers such as Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ducati, Ferrari, Ford, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Rolls Royce and many more. From high-end, luxury car makers to brands that are household names, their automotive tool cabinets can make a manufacturer and automotive service center’s job to serve their customers easier.

#3 Homak

Tool Cabinet Manufacturer

Tool storage cabinets, Safety cabinets, Gun cabinets, Hand-carry toolboxes, Tool bags, Parts organizers

Wide range of tool storage products provider

Homak Manufacturing was founded in 1947 in Chicago by Sigmund H. Danziger.

In January of 2005 Homak was acquired by JVA and moved its office to western Pennsylvania. Its facility now resides in the Wampum Underground Commerce Center. Today, Homak emphasizes tool storage and gun cabinet security. The full product line consists of hand-carry toolboxes, tool bags, parts organizers, tool storage cabinets, workbenches, garage furniture, safety cabinets, spill containment systems, P.B. & E. products, steel lockers, gun cabinets, fire-resistant safes, ammo storage boxes and accessories. Each item is manufactured to exceed customer’s expectations, and to provide strength and dependability to the customer.

5 Tips in Finding a Reliable Tool Storage Supplier

1: Research how solid the Tool Storage Manufacturer is.

2: Check out the quality of the tool storage supplier’s products.

3: Know what kind of support and services you can expect from tool storage company.

4: Analytical the prices and technical parameters of products offered by tool storage factory.

5: Know the production capacity of tool storage manufacturer to estimate lead times.


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