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What Is Tool Backpack?


Tool backpack is a kind of special backpack designed to store, organize, protect, and carry hardware & tools


Dedicated Pockets For Storing, Organizing, Protecting Tools

Unlike common business backpack or school backpack, tool backpacks are designed for hardware & tools, it must have many pockets, loops, slots, compartments to organize different shapes of tools . Therefore, usually tool backpack equipped with more pockets than common backpack, and the structure is usually more complex, all to meet the needs of users.

More Durable, Heavy Duty

Hardware & tools are mostly made of metal and plastic, which are much heavier than computers and books, so tool backpacks must be made of stronger materials and with special structure to carry heavy tools. Just imagine, someone carrying tools via a child’s school backpack, how long will that backpack last?

Usually, the inner material of computer backpacks is 210D lining, but this material is not suitable for tool backpacks. The heads of many tools such as screwdrivers, electric drills, and pliers are sharp, and ordinary fabrics will be easily scratched. Therefore, the material of the tool backpack must be stronger and more wear-resistant.

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Why Wholesale Tool Backpacks? (Advantages)

Organize Tools And Easily To Access

The tool backpack is equipped with many compartments, pockets, loops, or slots. User could be able to store tools in different compartments by category, or store frequently used tools in certain pockets, no longer have to looking for one in a pile of tools, what they want, find it directly in the location where it is stored. Time will be saved greatly!

Some tool backpacks come with a tool panel that provides more pockets to organize, and this kind of tool panel can be easily removed from the backpack to access tools while working.

Protect Tools

Anti-impact And Anti-friction

When tools are perfectly stored in the tool backpack, each tool has its own space, and they are separated by heavy-duty and wear-resistant fabrics to prevent damage from friction and impact. Imagine it, an electric meter and a bunch of hand tools are stored in a tool box, what kind of electric meter will not break? If there is a tool backpack, things become simple, the user just have to put the meter in the pocket with flap, then the meter can be well protected.


The fabrics of tool backpacks are usually coated, which means that these fabrics are waterproof. so the tools will be effectively protected and prevented from rusting even if the backpack is exposed to humid air or splashed by water.

More Comfortable And Convenient To Carry

Compared to tool boxes and tool bags, the overall weight of the tool backpack is distributed over the shoulders and waist rather than the hands, so it will be more convenient to carry tools, users can carry more tools and keep their hands free.

All In One

Many tool backpacks are equipped with special pockets and compartments to store daily necessities such as laptops, mobile phones, water glasses, etc. When users carry it, they do not need a extra laptop backpack or other luggage. Everything can be stored inside of tool backpack.


Tool backpacks are used to store heavy tools & hardware, which cause a greater load on the user body than ordinary backpacks, so the design of tool backpacks must be ergonomic to avoid hurt to the user body and make users more comfortable.

Here is an article from scholar.google.comErgonomic Characteristics and Usage Habits of Adult Backpack. We took a lot of inspiration from this article when designing or optimizing tool backpacks.

Types Of Tool Backpacks

Simple Tool Backpack

You may have seen this kind of simple tool backpack in the market. It seems just fixing two shoulder straps on the back of a gate mouth tool bag, even unlike a backpack. Simple and cheap, but they are not functional and not durable enough.

Standard Tool Backpack

As mentioned above, this kind of tool backpacks are equipped with pockets, loops, slots for organizing tools and accessories, is made of durable fabrics and has stronger structure.

Rolling Tool Backpack

Imagine that the backpack can also be moved like a rolling tool box, this is rolling tool backpack, also called tool backpack with wheels. This type of backpack is given a set of pull rod and wheel system, so that the backpack can be towed, two carrying modes(backpack/trolley) can be selected up to users’ needs.

Tool Backpack For Instrument

The tool backpack specially designed to store instruments such as respirator, electricity meter, etc. The body of this type of tool backpack is usually hard, so that instruments inside can be protected well, and the inside of backpack is equipped with sponge or special structure to store and fix instruments.

tool backpack for instrument

Heavy Duty Tool Backpack

As a multi-functional tool backpack, heavy tool Backpacks are made of stronger materials and have some special construction such as:

  • Laptop Sleeve:Some tool backpacks are equipped with laptop sleeves. Undoubtedly, this design is very useful, enabling users like engineers or technicians to store their laptops in their backpack, prevent their laptop from being damaged by tools.
tool backpack laptop sleeve
  • Hard Base:A hard base made of plastic or rubber is installed at the bottom of the backpack, the hard base tool backpacks are more stable, waterproof and wear-resistant. Users no need to worry about the bottom of the backpack being worn by the ground.
tool backpack hard base
  • Independent Tool Panel:Tool panel with pockets provides additional tool storage space and can be freely accessed in the backpack. When the user only needs a part of the tools, the backpack can be placed in a safe place and the tool panel can be used to carry the required tools.
tool backpack tool panel

The 5 Best Tool Backpacks Reviews

IRONLAND Tool Backpack

BP-001 Tool Backpack with wide zipper opening for easy tool access from the center compartments. Mesh covered contact surface areas enable efficient air circulation between the backpack and user’s back. This backpack is equipped with 7 external pockets, 16 internal pockets, a tool panel with 40 pockets and 6 loops. Reinforced PP bottom with squared shape gives maximum tool protection and keep the bag stable and vertical.

  • Original Design- This tool backpack is 100% original design by IRONLAND. It is engineered to work in the toughest environments
  • Multiple Pockets to Store All Gear – Almost 60 pockets includes an removable 40 pockets tool panel with carrying handles and a D-ring for hanging.
  • Molded Hard Bottom – The waterproof molded bottom provides a flat surface to stand the tool backpack upright in any environment. Whatever water, mud, or snow, tools remain safe and dry.
  • Comfortable to Carry – This backpack comes with rubber carrying handle and adjustable shoulder straps. More than that, large 3D mesh cloth padded back provides extra comfort.
  • Heavy Duty Design- This heavy duty tool backpack is professional especially designed for jobsite or people who usually go out to work with tools such as contractor, carpenter, plumber, farmer, electrician , craftsman or cable& audio visual installer.

CLC Tool Backpack

This backpack provides a solution for installers and technicians who need to transport tools. It has 48 pockets of different sizes for transporting various tools and accessories. In the market it is trusted by HVAC, Satellite/Cable TV, Lighting Repair, Telecom/Network and Electrical Technicians.

  • Two main compartments, one for tools and parts and one for cables.
  • Comfortable padded back support
  • Plenty of pockets, 36 pockets inside and 8 outside

STANLEY Tool Backpack

This backpack contains a separate laptop/power tool compartment, that is large enough for a 15.6in laptop. With an additional small front compartment for personal storage and two side mesh pockets. Plastic base feet help to protect against moisture and dirt. It’s a lightweight backpack that doesn’t make the user feel bulky to carry.

  • Detachable divider with pockets
  • Padded back for ergonomic
  • Separate Laptop/Power Tool Compartment
  • Small front compartment

MiILWAUKEE Tool Backpack

This backpack holds them all and is evenly distributed on your shoulders and back. Like I described above, this backpack features a molded front face, which greatly increases the stiffness and protect the tools inside better. Another amazing feature is being able to connect bit boxes and other attachments to the bottom of the backpack. This is a great product even though it is not big in size.

  • 1680D ballistic material
  • Impact resistant base
  • Hard-shell protected electronic and equipment pockets
  • Load-bearing harness evenly distributes weight
  • 48 Total pockets 2 External pockets 46 Internal pockets

VETO PRO PAC Tool Backpack

This is definitely a top-of-the-line tool backpack. No seller has used such high-quality materials and designed such a complex structure for the tool backpack like Veto Pro Tech. The price of this backpack on their website has reached USD455. This backpack is designed for professional workers who need to carry tools every day to walking or climbing. Equipped with a total of 46 pockets, this backpack provides ample space for hand tools, meters, parts, power drills and drivers, and other hardware(such as hoses, cables).

  • Weatherproof Base
  • Weatherproof Body Fabric
  • Quick Release Metal Hasp
  • Strap Load Connection
  • Internally Stored Aluminum Hook to Hang Bag
  • Over-Molded Ergonomic Grip
  • Padded EVA Thermoformed, Ergonomic Back Padding
  • Rivets: Marine Grade Rivets

How To Choose Tool Backpack Style For Your Market?

For Different Workers

The users of tool backpacks are usually different kinds of workers, and workers in different industries need different kinds of tool backpacks, so it is necessary to develop products suitable for your company’s main customers.

  • Hand Tools & Accessories:This type of tool backpacks featurs a large number of small pockets, loops, slots, elastic tapes to store various hand tools or instruments. If your company wants to develop a suitable backpacks for electricians, technicians, HVAC, engineers, maintenance workers, etc., then this is the one.
HVAC Electrician tecnician hand Tool Backpack
  • Large Tools & Power Tools:This type of backpacks are builted with much larger space and equipped with some special structures to hold large tools such as hammers, saws, spirit levels, power tools, laptops, etc. Suitable for carpenters, plumbers, builders, mechanics and more.
large power tool backpack
  • Multifunction:This type of tool backpacks are equipped with not only a wide variety of pockets, but also special compartments to store accessories like batteries, tool heads, cables, etc. Almost any tool can be organized. If your clients is diverse, The multi-functional tool backpack is right for your company and market.
multi-functional tool backpack

For Different Grade

You should consider what grade of tool backpack to choose based on your wishes and market.

Beat Your Competitor

  • Who Are Your Competitors:Find out the top selling tool backpack products in your market.
  • Analyze Your Competitors:Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of competing products through pictures, parameters, evaluations even real samples.
  • Cannikin Law:Develop a tool backpack that is better than the competition in all aspects. There is no doubt that you will outsell your competitors.
Cannikin Law

Build Your Tool Backpack Product Line

Want to be the top 1 in the market? Or even monopolize the market? You need more than one backpack, we can help you develop a variety of different grades and types of tool backpacks to meet the various needs of the end market, surpass your competitors from all angles, so as to make a surge in sales and profits.

Why Choose IRONLAND To Wholesale Tool Backpacks?


IRONLAND is a professional tool bag manufacturer. We take full responsibility for the products we sell. Not only the warranty, but also we will contact our clients after the sale is completed to get the market feedback.


There are a wide variety of tool bag products in IRONLAND for you to choose. We have the ability to design and optimize tool backpacks, and we are the first enterprise in China to independently develop tool bag products.


You can check the QA report to realize the progress of the production and thus evaluate the quality of the goods. As a tool bag factory, we always put quality first. Anyway, our quality is always better because we have to comply with some standards such as ISO:9001


IRONLAND has the ability to customize the tool backpack according to your requirements, we can even come up with many constructive solutions to help you realize your ideas.

How IRONLAND Help You Wholesale Tool Backpacks?

1: Make A Query

All our product pages show parameters, descriptions and even videos, if you like them, you can easily find the button to contact us in the product page, then you can get more detailed information as well as quotes and solutions. If you would like us to quote based on your design, please contact us directly via the contact us page with a brief description of your inquiry. Anyway, please let us know your idea and needs.

2: Talk With Us

Once you send inquiry, our sales will contact you within 24 hours. Talk to sales about your needs and ideas for products. Our sales are very good at providing professional and correct solutions for your project. After the details such as style, design, parameters, and quantity are confirmed, our sales can quote you.

3: Confirm Sample

There’s nothing better like a real sample to see the quality and visuals. Sample would be made for you by our professional technical team and would be delivered to your company within a few days, it sounds as exciting as an online purchase even!

4: Confirm Order

If you are satisfied with the sample and price, we can discuss other order details, such as: delivery time, payment terms, shipment, of course you can also discuss these issues with our sales at any time. After everything is confirmed, we will send PI and wait for your PO, then your goods will be arranged for production

5: Sit Back And Wait The Delivery

You just need to wait for your goods to be delivered. During the production we can send QA reports according to your requirements to make you know the process and quality. You know, all these are easy, clear and efficient.

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