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If you want to find tool bag manufacturer to customize tool bags, we offer many excellent options and solutions to meet your custom idea. Never miss this guide! The content of this guide is suitable for tool bag global B2B business, bulk order and wholesale order.

In addition, the MOQ is related to the requirements of customization, I would detail in another article – The MOQ Of Tool Bag Bulk Sourcing.

Why Customize Tool bags?

For manufacturers or suppliers, as mentioned at the beginning of the guide, all customization needs are the specific manifestations of clients’ needs, and clients’ needs are usually to meet the needs of users or end buyers.

For example, many users comment on the online product page that they need larger size tool bag, then seller will customize larger size tool bag when purchasing, they know that doing so will get more sales and profits, not only that, usually sellers also customize the design of the tool bag and brand their logo on bag to make the product more branded.

We know that everything is to meet the needs to obtain sales, profit or better use feedback. In order to meet various needs, it is important to find a professional and powerful tool bag manufacturer.

Options For Customizing Tool Bags

Allow me to advertise. You saw it right, different from other manufacturers, IRONLAND only produces tool bag products, which means all our supply chains and production lines are built for the tool bag industry, you know, the professional ones are usually the best. Professional supply chain and production line allow us to meet various customization needs of clients.

The following are some examples of several common Options For Customizing Tool Bags.

Customize The Material Of Tool Bags

Fabric Of Tool Bags

Generally speaking, you can choose a variety of main fabric for tool bags, such as: Lining, 600D polyester oxford, 1680D polyester oxford, Polyester oxford fabric PVC coated, Nylon oxford, EVA bonded oxford fabric , Canvas, Mesh cloth, Transparent mesh fabric, Vinyl fabric, PU(artificial leather), Genuine Leather, etc, all these are common fabrics for making tool bags.

Subsidiary Material Of Tool Bags

The subsidiary material are used to enable tool bags be functional, aesthetic and comfortable. Based on this, you have many options,such as:thicker HDPE sheet or EPE foam sheet to make the tool bag more durable, trim and piping to make the tool bag more design, or padded with 3D air mesh cloth on the grips, shoulder pads or shoulder straps to make the bag more comfortable to carry.

Transparent mesh fabric
Transparent mesh fabric
Padded with air mesh cloth and EPE foam sheet
Padded with air mesh cloth and EPE foam sheet

Customize The Accessories Of Tool Bags

Zipper & Slider Of Tool Bags

You can not only customize the size of the zipper, but you can also customize the zipper slider, you can brand your company’s Logo on zupper puller, which is definitely a cool thing, every parts are branded.

Hard Base Of Tool Bags

In tool bag industry, hard base=plastic base/plastic bottom/rubber bottom/rubber base/hard bottom. You can choose different sizes, shapes and materials of hard base for different tool bags. Some clients spend the molding fee to develop new hard base to avoid being copied, the unique on the market is the best!

Other Accessories Of Tool Bags

It’s really too much! You can add tape clip, hammer holder, tape chain, name card holder to somewhere on the tool bag. You can replace the D-ring & hook system of shoulder strap from plastic to metal to improve the load capacity of the tool bag. You can make the stainless steel tube handle of tool tote to be rotatable or even detachable! You can even expect us to develop a tool bag series cliptech system like Tough Built, it’s not impossible!

zipper slider of tool bags
Zipper Slider
hard base of tool bags
Hard base
metal parts of tool bags
Metal parts

Customize The Structure Of Tool Bags

Change The Structure Of Tool Bags

As long as it is reasonable, you can increase or decrease the number of pockets, add a saw sleeve, add a lot of webbing loops in a certain area, add a divider to the inside of the tool bag, and so on. No matter how rich your imagination and design ideas, we can provide you with professional solutions accordingly.

Upgrade The Structure Of Tool Bags

In short, Using higher-quality materials. For example: upgrade 2mm PE board/sponge to 5mm, upgrade 600D fabrics to 1680D or even EVA bonded oxford fabric, upgrade ordinary mesh cloth to vinyl coated mesh, upgrade certain parts of the material to CORDURA, and so on.

Customize The Color Of Tool Bags

Design and aesthetics are always one of the key points of market competitiveness. You can customize the color of almost all materials, and we will provide solutions accordingly.

Customize The Logo Of Tool Bags

You can brand your logo on tool bags, you can choose printed logo, rubber patch logo, embroidered logo, woven label, embossed logo, etc.

Copy/Create Tool Bags

We can copy/create tool bags according to your sample/design artwork, it’s all about making the tool bag to be what you want it to be.

Customize The Package Of Tool Bags

You can customize package. Such as: PE bag, tag card, color box, inner box, carton, etc.

Tips For Customizing Tool Bags

Step1: Customize Tool Bags To Meet Your Needs

OEM Tool Bags And ODM Tool Bags

ODM:factory design, factory production, clients Logo, clients sale. OEM: factory production, clients design, clients logo, clients sale.

If you have your design, we can help you to produce the products, this is OEM. If you don’t have a design, you can choose the IRONLAND’s products and brand your logo on, this is ODM, we also accept you to customize our products, everything follow your ideas,

Difference between OEM and ODM

Different From Or Beat Your Competition

In order to beat your competition, you can develop more competitive products, or you can develop completely different products to compete. Compete on the same stage or avoid its strength. Only by doing enough market research can you know which plan is more beneficial to your company.

Customize Tool Bag For Your Tools Or Workers

Some clients customize tool bags for their tools, and some clients do it for their workers. The two have one thing in common—the tools to be stored in the tool bag are basically confirmed. So we may need you to send us a full set of tools that will be stored in tool bag.

For example: if the tool bag will be used for storing 20 different size wrenches, then we need all these wrenches to size the pockets/loops so that each wrenches fits perfectly. Just like tailoring a suit, only if the makers measure the customer’s body data, the suit will fits.

wrench tool roll bag
Wrench tool roll
Tool Bag For 5 Gallon Bucket
Tool bag for 5 gallon bucket

Step 2: Inform Your Requirements Of Customizing Tool Bag And Get Our Solutions

After you have clarified your customization requirements, you need to clearly describe the details to us. Please let us know what you think, everything is expected to be clear, for example: 8*2cm sizes logo in embroidery craft, change color from red to 355C green or customizing some pockets to store your tools.

If you still have questions about your idea, you can contact us to discuss, our professional experienced sales can help you with excellent suggestion. After we receive your final requirements, we will provide the solutions accordingly.

After the final solution is approved by you, we can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Make Sample Of Customized Tool Bag

There is nothing like sample to test the effect and the correctness of the solution. After the solution is approved by you, we can make samples for your reference. Even, you can compare samples with competing products, or give samples to end users to test!

making tool bag sample
Making tool bag sample

Step 4: Start Your Order!

After the samples and other order details are confirmed, the factory could start producing your goods, you just need to wait for the delivery~


As a professional tool bag manufacturer and supplier, we have rich experience to meet your requirements of customizing tool bags, in the past nearly 20 years, we have produced customized tool bags for more than 100 companies around the world including some famouse brands such as BOSCH, HILTI, TRUPER, Johnson Controls, etc. We believe we can help you, too!



Hi, I'm Daniel, CEO of a professional tool bag manufacturer---IRONLAND, we spacialized in tool bag industry and business since 2003. And the purpose of these articles is to share with you the knowledge related to tool bag industry from a Chinese supplier's perspective.

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