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Multimodal Transport

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If you don’t know much about international trade logistics, or don’t know how to transport and import tool bags, this post will answer all your questions. I will share with you different situations and provide the best solution for you.

Transporting and importing of tool bags are mainly divided into three processes: customs declaration, transportation, customs clearance, and mainly have 4 roles: importer (usually the buyer who purchases the goods), exporter (usually the seller who sells the goods), transportation company (the company responsible for transporting goods), forwarder(the company that helps the importer and the exporter to handle the import and export matters).

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The Guide To Import Tool Bags From China

Step 1: You Need To Know What Is Customs

There is a lot of knowledge about ‘customs’ on the Internet, you can easily google it. You can also check Wikipedia’s explanation of this – Wikipedia/wiki/Customs.

Step 2: You Need To Know What Is Customs Declaration

If you import tool bags from China, the exporter have to make customs declaration to declare to the customs. After customs approval, the tool bags are allowed to leave China.

Here is the explanation on Wikipedia – Wikipedia/Wiki/Customs_declaration.

Step 3: The Tariff Classification Of Importing Tool Bags From China

When making customs declaration of tool bags, the exporter have to provide some information of tool bags. The following is the information of the tool bags that may be required. I have explained the filling method of each item in the Comments From Ironland.

Tool Bag HS Code

ItemDescriptionComments From Ironland
Tool Bag HS Code4202129000Usually this HS code applies to almost all tool bag products
Product NameOther bags of plastic or textile materialYou can make it more simple, such as model code+ tool bag, model code + tool backpack
Product DescriptionIncludes suitcases, pouches, briefcases, school bags and similar bagsBags for storing, carrying and protecting tools

Tax Information Of Tool Bag

Measurement unitkg/pc
Export tax rate0%
Export tax return rate13%
VAT rate13%
MFN rate10%

Declare Elements Of Tool Bag

ItemOption1Option2Option3Comments From Ironland
Brand TypeNo brandDomestic independent brandOverseas brand (OEM/ODM)/
Tariff PreferencePreferential TariffNo preferential tariffNot sureCountries with preferential Tariff: Korea, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos, ASEAN, Pakistan, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Iceland, Switzerland, Australia, Georgia
TypeTool bag///
Surface material and composition content///You can ask your tool bag supplier for details
Brand///The brand name of tool bag
Model Code///The model code of tool bag

Inspection And Quarantine Of Tool Bag


Agreed Tax Rate Of Tool Bag

CountryASEANChilePakistanNew ZealandPeruCosta RicaSwitzerlandIcelandAustraliaKoreaGeorgiaMauritius
Tax Rate0%0%0%2%0%0%0%0%0%4%0%12%

RCEP Tax Rate Of Tool Bag

CountryAustraliaBruneiCambodiaSouth KoreaLaosMalaysiaNew ZealandSingaporeThailandVietnamJapan
Tax Rate18%18%18%18%18%18%18%18%18%18%18.2%

CIQ Code(13-digit HS Code Of Tool Bag)

4202129000102Other luggage (including suitcases, pouches, briefcases, briefcases, school bags and similar containers) of plastic or textile material (textile material box)
4202129000105Other luggage (including suitcases, pouches, briefcases, briefcases, school bags and similar containers) of plastic or textile material (textile bags for children)
4202129000106Other luggage (including suitcases, pouches, briefcases, briefcases, school bags and similar containers) of plastic or textile material (other than children’s textile bags)
china customs

5 Ways To Transport Tool Bags

International Courier

If you just import and transport tool bag samples or small quantities of tool bags (under 500kg). We can ship them to you by international courier, which takes 3 – 7 days for most countries and regions.

We have cooperated with many international courier companies or freight forwarders, such as DHL, FedEx, EMS International, TNT and UPS, We can offer you low courier prices.

International Courier

Sea Freight

For bulk cargo or bulk orders of tool bags, sea freight is the most commonly used shipping option. It usually takes 10-45 days to transport the tool bag cargo to the destination port depending on the distance and route. After the cargo arrive at the port, the importer should to provide the original B/L or telex B/L to pick up the cargo. In sea freight, the B/L is the document of title to the cargo.

sea freight

Air Freight

For bulk cargo or bulk orders of tool bags, air freight is the fastest but most expensive option. Usually it only takes 2-5 days. Compared with international courier, the cost of air freight (over 500kg) is lower. B/L in air frdight is not a document of title to the goods.

Air Freight

Railway Freight

In railway freight, the transit time is nearly half that of sea freight. If you ship tool bags to Eurasian countries such as Germany, we can transport the goods via the China-Europe railway, which is very convenient.

railway freight

Multimodal Transport

According to the international multimodal transport contract, the transport of goods by the multimodal transport operator from the place of taking over in one country to the designated place of delivery in another country by at least two different modes of transport. This is the definition of multimodal transport

For example, ship tool bags from Hangzhou, China to Yantai, China by railway, and then ship tool bags from Yantai, China to Incheon, South Korea by sea. Or, ship tool bags from Shanghai, China to Los Angeles, United States by sea, and then ship tool bags to the central or eastern United States by railway or road.

Oftentimes, multimodal transport can shorten transit times and reduce shipping costs.

Multimodal Transport

Solutions Of Tansporting Tool Bags In Different Incoterms

Incoterms, also known as terms of trade, price terms. In international trade, the responsibilities of buyers and sellers will affect the price of goods. Each mode of offer sets out the obligations and responsibilities of buyers and sellers under certain terms of trade. The terms used to describe such obligations and responsibilities are called incoterms.

If you want to import and transport tool bags from China, you have to realize incoterms, because it involves product price and responsibility division, you can click on the links for these incoterms below to view details. I will exemplify several incoterms that are common in global tool bag business, and tell you the corresponding solutions.

EXW Incoterms

EXW means that the seller provides the goods on its premises or other designated location. In EXW, you have to handle the customs declaration, transportation and customs clearance of the goods, which means that you are responsible for all matters in importing and transportation.

Solution Of Tansporting Tool Bags In EXW Incoterms

You can find an excellent international freight forwarder and entrust them to handle the import and transportation of the tool bags, and you only need to pay the freight forwarder for freight, handling fees and other related costs. Besides, you can also entrust this forwarder to transport the goods from the port to your warehouse. If you don’t know much with import, export and shipping, I hope that you do not go with this incoterm.

FOB Incoterms

FOB means that the seller bears all costs and risks before the shipment of the goods. In FOB, you have to handle the transportation and customs clearance.

Solution Of Tansporting Tool Bags In FOB Incoterms

Similar with EXW, you can entrust international freight forwarder (such as Kuehne+Nagel, Sinotrans, DHL, DSV, DB Schenker in famouse) to handle it. FOB is the most common incoterm in the global tool bag B2B business, which is very fair and convenient for both buyers and sellers.

CIF/CFR Incoterms

CIF=Cost+Insurance+Freight. CFR=Cost + Freight,In CFR and CIF, you only have to deal with customs clearance, while both exporting and transportation are handled by the exporter.

Solution Of Tansporting Tool Bags In CIF/CFR Incoterms

You can consult the local customs of your country to understand the relevant procedures and required documents for customs clearance, and find a local logistics company to transport your goods from the port to the warehouse. If you want things to be easier, then forwarder can help you with all that too.

DDP/DDU Incoterms

DDP means delivered duty paid. In DDP, you don’t have to do anything, just wait for the goods to be delivered to your warehouse!DDU means delivered duty unpaid. In DDU, you only have to pay the tariff(delivered duty), which is relatively simple. Please consult your local customs for the specific process. Sometimes, you only need to pay the tariff to the driver who transports the goods!

Solution Of Tansporting Tool Bags In DDP/DDU Incoterms

It looks like you don’t need to deal with the transporting of tool bags in this incoterm, do you?

freight forwarder

Tips To Make Customs Clearence Of Tool Bags In Your Country

When tool bags are transported from China to port in your country, as importer, you have to deal with customs clearance. you needs to ask the exporter for some documents to provide to the customs for customs clearance. These documents are usually commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, original B/L or telex B/L,, etc. Customs in some countries may require importers to provide other documents, Please consult your country’s customs for details.

After the customs clearence finished, you can pick it up and transport it to warehouse.


As a tool bag manufacturer, supplier and exporter, IRONLAND has 10 years of experience in the international trade of tool bags, we know what solution of transportation is the most convenient and cost-effective for our clients, and we have powerful cooperated freight forwarder that can help handle the exporting and transporting of tool bags. Whether it is CIF or DDP, we can help you.

We promise not to earn any fees for the exporting and transporting of tool bags, you know, we just provide this service and don’t make a profit, all bills can be made public!

If you have cooperated freight forwarder, you can compare their freight quotes with ours and it’s up to you which solution you choose. Get your solution for importing and transporting tool bags now!



Hi, I'm Daniel, CEO of a professional tool bag manufacturer---IRONLAND, we spacialized in tool bag industry and business since 2003. And the purpose of these articles is to share with you the knowledge related to tool bag industry from a Chinese supplier's perspective.

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