TP-011 Electrician Tool Pouch

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Small Electrician Tool Pouch

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20*36*10 cm


1680D Polyester, PE Sheet, PU


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Product Description

Electrician Tool Pouch

TP-011 Electrician Tool Pouch is made from heavy-duty, water-resistant 1680D polyester for maximum performance and longer life. HDPE sheet structure inside makes the pouch rigid. 9 pockets, 2 slots and 1 tape holder designed for easy vertical tool organization. Convenient front pocket with flap provides secure easy access to small parts such as wire nuts or screws. Detachable non-slip plastic handle makes carrying easier. Fits any IRONLAND tool belt.

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Product Details

1680D Polyester Material

Mainly constructed with polyester 1680D, that will put up with years of wear and tear from roofing screws, nails and other sharp fixings.

Structure for attaching tool belt

We give this Electrician Tool Pouch more possibilities, the pouch fits perfectly on any IRONLAND tool belt or normal clothing belt.

Square shape body

Square shape body has been designed to keep Electrician Tool Pouch vertical to prevent spillage of fixings, even when the pouch is full.

reinforced stiching and industrial rivet

We gave this tool pouch a lot of reinforced stiching and industrial rivet on this tool pouch, which makes this pouch very sturdy.

detachable frosted non-slip plastic handle

We equipped this Electrician Tool Pouch with detachable frosted non-slip plastic handle, which makes carrying easier.

Knife slot

Knife slot made from durable material holds any common utility knives so it is always handy when is necessary.

red and gray interior of pockets

We specially designed the inside of the pocket in red and gray, which makes it easy to identify the tools or hardware.

front pocket with flap

Front pocket with flap can be used to store important or small items, the users do not need to worry about the contents being lost.

Large flap of the front pocket

Large flap of the front pocket can be used to print your company icon so that the Electrician Tool Pouch can be more branded.

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