TP-005 Work Tool Pouch

1680D Polyester Combined With EVA, 1 Pocket Fixing Pouch With Leather Screwdriver Holder

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Tool Pouch

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EVA combined 1680D polyester, Leather


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TP-005 Work Tool Pouch

The Work Tool Pouch sits comfortably on any IRONLAND tool belt or normal clothing belt. Measuring tape clip holds any common builder’s tape measure from 3-10 meters. Ready to carry a full range of specialized electrical tools. Electrician’s Pouch specifically researched design to give electricians the compartments they need. Main deep pocket for safe storage of long tools like a voltmeter, fixings, measuring instruments, etc. Chain hook provides easy access insulation tapes or flex.Screwdriver holders made from real leather provide convenient storage. Necessary equipment is close without coming off the roof or down from the ladder. Knife slot made from real leather holds any common utility knives so it is always handy when is needed.

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