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What Is Tool Pouch?

Tool pouch is a kind of pouches used to store, organize, and carry tools or accessories. Tool pouches are divided into two categories: waist tool pouch and zippered tool pouch.

Waist Tool Pouch

Waist tool pouch is a kind of tool pouch that can be hung around the waist by tool belt, usually used in conjunction with tool belt. Waist tool pouches are usually equipped with small pockets, slots, loops, holders and other structures to perfectly organize the user’s various tools for easy access.

Zippered Tool Pouch

Zippered tool pouch is a kind of tool pouch for storing and carrying various small tools or work gear, similar to pencil pouch. Zippered tool pouch usually features only one zipper closure compartment for storing tools or other small equipment such as mobile phones, electric pens, tapes, etc.

What Is Tool Pouch Manufacturer?

Tool pouch manufacturer is the manufacturer capable of designing, producing or developing tool pouches and is usually also tool bag manufacturer or luggage & bag manufacturer.

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How To Find Tool Pouch Manufacturer?

If you are looking for a tool pouch manufacturer or want to know everything about tool pouch, this site is here for you. Also, we have a post with all the ways(the mainly way is google) to find it, hope it helps—-How To Find Tool Bag Supplier Or Manufacturer?

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How To Choose?

Tool pouches are a sub-category of tool bags, so the professional tool bag manufacturer is the best tool pouch manufacturer. IRONLAND is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in tool bag products since 2003, we can manufacture various types of tool bag products including tool pouches (please check the product page for details), if you want to wholesale, customize, source tool pouches, we can provide you with a full range of professional services.

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What Can IRONLAND Do For You?

Wholesale, Sourcing And Customize Tool Pouches

OEM Tool Pouch

If you have idea or design draft for tool pouch, IRONLAND can make real sample according to your idea or design draft, and if the sample is approved by you, IRONLAND will mass produce the tool pouch goods.

OEM tool pouch
ODM tool pouch

ODM Tool Pouch

IRONLAND have many excellent tool pouch styles, you can brand your company logo on these tool pouch styles or make some other changes on pouches, these branding tool pouch styles will get very good feedback in your market.

Provide Tool Pouch Tips

Whether you are a tool pouch user, buyer or purchaser, as a professional tool pouch manufacturer, IRONLAND always provide everything you need, including but not only to:

Store, organize and carry the tools or accessories

File, Hammer, Saw, Screwdriver, Electric Pen, Wrench, Tape Measure, Tape, Screw, etc.

Pass the tool belt through the hole in the back of the tool pouch, then attach the tool belt to the waist.

1: Measuring the tools
2: Make the design of the tool pouch based on the measured data
3: Fabric cutting, prepare the material
4: Sewing

1: Put some hand tools in their dedicated locations. For example hammer–hammer holder, tape measure–tape clip, screwdriver–loops, pliers–slots.
2: Put small tools or accessories into zipper pockets to avoid loss
3: Put large gear in the main compartment

Alcohol or special cleaner, we will upload a post to introduce how to clean tool bag products.

Pls check details in the post ‘How To Customize Tool Bags?


If you want to know more about tool pouches or are interested in cooperating with us, please click the button below to contact us, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Yes, IRONLAND is a tool pouch manufacturer and also a professional tool bag manufacturer.

If you are in the US, you can buy it in our Amazon store. If not, we temporarily do not provide global tool bag products retail services.

Of course, we can mass produce customized tool pouches for you, please contact us for your quote.

We can delivery tool pouches to most countries and regions around the world, check this post for details—-Guide For Transporting and Importing of Tool Bag Cargo

Because IRONLAND is a professional tool pouch manufacturer, equipped with professional supply chain. Our extensive experience in the field of tool pouches allows us to provide everything about tool pouches you need. In addition to this, we can also offer other tool bag products which can be very helpful for your tool bag business.


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