Wholesale Tool Backpacks As Christmas Gifts For Roofers

Wholesale Tool Backpacks As Christmas Gifts For Roofer

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A USA roofing company wholesale tool backpacks as Christmas gifts for their workers. We decided to write a post about it to let you know what service we can offer and how we can help to meet your needs.

We received the first inquiry at the beginning of October, and the entire negotiation lasted until the end of October. I will reconstruct the whole negotiation process through three stages.

Client’s Requirements

Compare Tool Backpack Styles

Client browse our tool backpacks on our website and ask us for more details about them so they can pick the best one for them.

Ask For A Sample

The client wants to purchase a sample to check the quality.

The Order Quantity Is 300 Pcs

The client wants to wholesale 300 Pcs tool backpacks for their workers as Christmas gifts

Need Logistics Services

The client has no experience in international trade and does not have a cooperative logistics forwarder to arrange transportation. Therefore, we are required to provide logistics services to transport tool backpacks.

Delivery Date Must Be Earlier Than Dec.

Since the tool backpacks are Christmas gift, the client must prepare the backpacks and give them to the workers before the Christmas holiday.

Our Solutions

Send The Tool Backpack Details To The Client

  1. Send high definition images of the tool backpacks to the client so that they will knows all the structure of the tool backpacks.
  2. Send detailed technical information to client, such as size, weight, material, workmanship, etc
  3. Introduce the main features and advantages of each tool backpack style to the client.
  4. Recommend tool backpack style according to client’s requirements.

Sample Order Or Buy On Amazon

  1. The client pays the sample fee and freight (the sample fee is refundable). Our sample makers make samples by hand for the client. Such samples are customizable, but it takes 10-15 days to make and ship the samples.
  2. Client buy the tool backpack they want directly from our Amazon USA store. Although they can’t customize the sample, it will be delivered to client very quickly.

Bulk Production Order Or Amazon Inventory

  1. The client orders tool backpacks according to the minimum order quantity 500 Pcs. The color and logo of tool backpacks are customizable, but we need 30-45 days to produce these customized tool backpacks.
  2. The client directly purchase 300 pcs inventory tool backpacks we prepared for Amazon. These inventory tool backpacks are almost finished products. It only takes 1-2 days to ready to ship.

DDP Incoterms Whichs The Price Including Freight And Tariff

The logistics forwarder we cooperate with provides a fast logistics plan. We send the detailed transportation time and freight to the client for approval. The client only needs to pay the corresponding fees instead of dealing with complicated import and export matters.

Inventory Tool Backpacks For Quick delivery

We have prepared inventory of tool backpacks for our Amazon store. It only takes 1-2 days from order confirmation to ready shipment, and there is no minimum order quantity. This not only saves a lot of time, but also allows client to wholesale tool backpacks according to their budget.

Client’s Choice

Our Original Design Tool Backpack BP-001

We sent the features and details of each tool backpack to the client, who ultimately selected the BP-001 multi-functional tool backpack. The client wanted this Christmas gift to be special, and the original designed BP-001 tool backpack is definitely a special gift, as well as this multi-functional tool backpack to meet the needs of roofers.

The Client Buy A Tool Backpack From Amazon As Sample

In terms of time and cost, buying from our Amazon store is the better choice.

The Client Chose To Wholesale Our Amazon Inventory

Since the tool backpacks will be as Christmas gift, there is no enough time to arrange new bulk production orders, so the client directly wholesale our Amazon inventory, which greatly saves time.

The Client Has Approved Our Logistic Transportation Solution

We have reliable logistics forwarders, they provide low-cost, fast and simple logistics solutions.


Loading Tool Backpacks

Now these tool backpacks are on the cargo ship, and 300 roofers in the United States will receive their Christmas gifts soon.

As a tool bag manufacturer for 20 years, we are always committed to providing our clients with the best tool bag solutions. If you want to wholesale tool bags, please feel free to contact us, we are ready to serve you!



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