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Not everyone cleans their tool bag regularly, but no one wants to store tools in a dirty tool bag, right? Therefore, people especially tradesmen need a professional guide to clean their tool bags. This post introduces the reasons, tips and steps to clean tool bags in the professional perspective.

We are a professional tool bag manufacturer since 2003, in the past years, the tool bags we produced are sold all over the world.

If you are a retailer, please forward this guide to your customers, it will help you reduce complaints from customers, increase the sales of tool bags and making your brand more popular in the market.

If you’re an end user, whether you walk around with tools or you DIY at your home, you need a clean tool bag.

Why Clean Tool Bags?

Protect Your Tools

If the tools come into contact with stains on the tool bag, they may become dirty or even rusted. And if there is debris in the tool bag, your power tools or meters may be damaged. Therefore, you must keep the tool bag clean to protect your tools.

Extend The Life Of Your Tool Bag

Stains (such as oils, paints, marinades, glues, beverages, etc.) can damage the material of the tool bags, which in turn can damage the entire tool bag. You might not care at first, but eventually you’ll be forced to spend extra to replace your tool bag.

Just like the bird droppings on the car, if the bird droppings are not washed off for a long time, the paint will be damaged. Once I parked my car under a tree, and the bird droppings fell on my car. Didn’t know until I washed car a few months later to find out that bird droppings had damaged the paint, so I was forced to replace a whole piece of paint, which was a pain!

The car paint damaged by bird droppings

The same goes for tool bags, you have to pay attention to the stains on tool bags, clean stains regularly to avoid damage to your tool bag and prolong its life.

Gain Trust

If you’re an installer or repairer, whether electrician, carpenter, plumber or others, a clean tool bag can help you gain the trust of your employer or customer, otherwise they might think that ‘if you cannot handle your work gear well, how can you perfectly install or repair something?’

How To Clean Tool Bags?

Step 1: Identify The Material Of Tool Bag

The main material of tool bags are mostly leather or fabric, and you can easily tell the two apart. If you don’t know the material of the tool bag, you can check the label or try to contact the after sales of seller.

If your tool bag is made of leather, check out this post ‘How to Clean Leather Naturally‘, which will give you a more professional guide on how to clean leather tool bags.

If the material of your tool bag is fabric, such as polyester tool bags, nylon tool bags, oxford tool bags or canvas tool bags, please continue to see below.

Occidental Leather tool belt bag
Occidental Leather Tool Bag
IRONLAND tool belt bag
IRONLAND Fabric Tool Bag

Step 2: Prepare Cleaning Tools And Supplies

You could prepare some warm water, two clean rags (you must make sure the rags won’t fade), a soft brush, and cleaning supplies such as white soap, laundry liquid, alcohol, fabric cleaner, etc.

Step 3: Empty The Tool Bag And Find The Stains

First of all, you must empty all tools or hardware in the tool bag, even a small screw can affect you or even hurt you when cleaning the tool bag.

Second, there may be debris in the tool bag, which must also be removed either by shaking it off or vacuuming it out.

Finally, you count which stains the tool bag has, and you must use the corresponding method to deal with different kinds of stains.

Step 4: Several Ways To Clean Tool Bags


Soil or dust is a relatively easy cleaning stain. When the soil stain is completely dry, it can be cleaned by scrubbing it repeatedly with your hands. If it still cannot be completely cleaned, you could wet the soil stain with warm water and scrub it. This method is also suitable for most common stains.


Warm Water With Soap Or Laundry Liquid

Warm water is very effective for cleaning stains. Warm water can raise the temperature of the stain, making it change from solid to liquid and dissolve in water. When using warm water to clean the tool bag, you can soak the stain in warm water for a while, then scrub it with your hands. You can also add soap or laundry liquid to the stained surface, which will greatly improve the stain removal effect of warm water.

Soap and Laundry Liquid

Soft Bristle Brush

You can soak the stain in warm water and brush with a soft-bristle brush, which can remove many stains. Please do not use stiff-bristle brushes or steel wool as they can damage your tool bag.

Soft Bristle Brush


Some stains are insoluble in water and cannot be cleaned with warm water. Alcohol is another supply for cleaning tool bags. You can add alcohol to the stained surface, wait a moment, and wipe off the stain with a dry rag. Add alcohol and wipe off the stain with a rag several times until the stain is completely clean. After that, you don’t need to rinse with water, as the alcohol evaporates on its own. It’s worth mentioning that if you use this method to clean the tool bag, you must protect your body, wear gloves if you have cuts on your hands, and don’t touch your eyes or mouth with alcohol-stained hands or rags.

Alcohol for clean wash

Acidic Liquids (such as vinegar, yogurt, or lemon juice)

If your tool bag is stained with rust, acidic liquids (such as vinegar, yogurt, or lemon juice) can be effective at removing rust stains. First, soak the rust stain with warm water, then add the acidic liquid to the surface of the stain, wait for a while, and finally rub it with your hands. It is worth mentioning that if the acidity is too high, the fabric material of the tool bag will be damaged, so please use the low concentration acidic liquid, such as vinegar, yogurt or lemon juice, these will not only not damage the fabric, but also common liquids in life , you can easily get them.

removing rust stains

Safety Fabric Cleaner

You could buy cleaners designed to safely clean fabrics that only remove surface stains without damaging the fabric. You could search online for “fabric cleaner” to find the right product for you, and stain removal will be easy and efficient. Be careful not to choose strong cleaners, they most likely damage your tool bag.

Step 5: Rinse And Air Dry

Once the stain is removed, pls rinse the tool bag with warm water, wipe with another dry rag, and air-dry it. If you do not want your tool bag to fade, pls do not expose the tool bag to the sun.


Now, you know a lot about cleaning tool bags, can’t wait to do it?

Don’t hurry, please keep the key points of cleaning tool bag in mind. First, identify the type of stain. Second, choose the right cleaning method. These will help you clean the tool bag efficiently and avoid damage to the tool bag.

Finally, remember to be patient and keep learning from experience, and the life of your tool bag will be extended as a result.

As a professional tool bag manufacturer, IRONLAND has always been committed to sharing various tool bag knowledge and tips to help global tool bag purchasers and end users.



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