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Hello, This is Daniel, our company IRONLAND can manufacture almost all types of tool bags. This post is to introduce the Definition, Usages And Types of tool bags, so that tool bag B2B Buyers can realize more types of tool bags. In addition, I will also list some tool bags that are popular in the market, to help end user select easily.

Tool Bag Definition

A sturdy bag used by a worker to hold his or her tools.

Tool Bag Usage

Tool bags are used to store, organize, protect and carry various tools and hardware.

Types Of Tool Bags

There are many types of tool bags, such as soft sided tool bags, tool totes, tool backpacks, tool pouches, tool belts, bucket tool bags, tool rolls, rolling tool bags and technician tool bags, etc.

Soft Sided Tool Bag

Gate Mouth Tool Bag

The Gate Mouth Tool Bags are probably the most common type of tool bags. This type of tool bags have zipper closure mouth. When the bags are unzipped, thanks to the soft sides, the mouths can be opened and closed like a gate, so they are called gate mouth tool bag, also known as soft side tool bag or zipper tool bag.

  • Multiple sized bags fit for tools and hardware of different sizes
  • Zippered opening for easy access
  • Equipped with handle or shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Central compartment and other pockets for easy tool storage
  • Can usually be flattened for easy storage and transport
  • Central compartment cannot organize tools or hardware well
  • Simple structure, they cannot protect tools well
Referenced Product
Bucket Boss Gate Mouth Tool Bag
Bucket Boss Gate Mouth Tool Bag
  • Made of double-wall 600D ripstop poly water-resistant fabric
  • Equipped with the zippered Gatemouth opening
  • 16 pockets in different sizes
  • Padded bottom with webbing-reinforced
  • Heavy Duty industrial zippers
  • Removable shoulder strap

Tool Tote Bag

The Tool tote bags are a type of tool bags just like tote bag, they have buttoned closure mouths.

  • When the bags are buttoned, the gap in the mouth of the bags allows them to store long tools or hardware
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Button opening & closure for easy access
  • Tools or hardware cannot be organized well by central compartment
  • Buttons do not completely close the tool bag, and tools or hardware may be lost
Referenced Product
veto pro pac tool tote bag
Veto Pro Pac Tool Tote Bag
  • Polyester Canvas Fabric Body
  • Tote Bag design
  • Leather Grips and Trim
  • Polypropylene bottom over-molded with non-marking TPR Rubber
  • 2 Interior removable Pocket Panel Sleeves with 20 Pockets
  • 32 Exterior Pockets

Tool Tote

Open Top Tool Tote

The Open Top Tool Totes also known as Open Tote Tool Bags, they are a type of heavy duty tool totes. HDPE sheet, card sheet and iron bar give open top tool totes hard body (similar to tool box), usually the top of open top tool totes are open and equipped with heavy duty stainless steel handles, these materials and structure allows them to carry heavy tools and hardware.

  • Open top for easy access
  • Stainless steel handle or shoulder strap makes them easy to carry
  • Special material and structure make them very hard, durable and not easy to deform, they are very good to protect tools or hardware
  • Large loading capacity and volume capacity
  • Usually come with hard base to make them wear-resistant, waterproof and stable
  • Non collapsible structure makes them hard to store or transport
  • Central compartment cannot organize tools well
  • Open top makes tools or hardware easy to lose or get wet
Referenced Product
Stanley Open Tote Tool Bag
Stanley 18 inch Open Tote Tool Bag
  • Open top design for quick access to contents
  • Polyester oxford material
  • Plastic hard base
  • Rubber gripped steel handle
  • Multiple compartments, saw holster and level holder
  • Commonly used by electricians, plumbers and wood workers

Tool Organizer Tote

The Tool Organizer Totes also have rigid body, but usually they do not come with metal handle.

  • Hard body protects tools or hardware well
  • Removable handle or shoulder strap makes them easy to carry
  • Usually equipped with tool dividers to organize tools
  • Non collapsible
  • Size usually not very large
Referenced Product
Klein Tools Tool Organizer Tote
Klein Tools Tool Organizer Tote
  • Heavy duty 1680D fabric
  • Equipped with zipper pockets to store small parts or tools
  • 40 pockets for maximum tool storage
  • Plastic hard bottom for stability and waterproof
  • Orange interior to find tools faster
  • Shoulder strap for easy carry

Tool Backpack

Backpack Tool Bag

The Backpack tool bags are a type of backpacks used to store, organize, carry and protect tools and hardware, also known as tool backpacks. I detail more information about this product in my post ‘Wholesale Tool Backpack Guide‘.

  • Backpack design, easy and comfortable to carry
  • Equipped with multiple compartments and pockets to organize tools or hardware
  • All stored things are well protected
  • Can even store laptops
  • Limited capacity
  • Relatively high price
Referenced Product
Klein Tools Backpack Tool Bag
Klein Tools Backpack Tool Bag
  • Water-resistant 1680D fabric
  • 39 pockets for tons of tool storage
  • Hard molded front pocket protects instruments or safety glasses
  • Taller body and interior pockets allow for long tools
  • Hard base protects from the elements
  • Padded back and shoulder strap for comfortable carrying

Wheeled/Rolling Tool Backpack

The Wheeled Tool Backpacks (Rolling Tool Backpacks) are a type of tool backpacks that can be carried like trolley, equipped with trolley bar & wheels system.

  • Two ways to carry: backpack, trolley
  • High Price
  • Not durable enough
Referenced Product
Stanley Wheeled Tool Backpack
Stanley Wheeled Tool Backpack
  • 600D heavy duty fabric
  • Dual zipper closure opening for easy access
  • Multi compartment
  • Removable divider with multiple pockets for a wide variety of tools
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Wheeled tool backpack design, this combines a mix of on wheels and on back carriage for easy and convenient tool transporting
  • Rigid body allows backpack can stand when compartments are unzipped

Tool Pouch

Waist Tool Pouch

The Waist Tool Pouches are a type of tool pouches that are attached to the user’s waist by tool belts. Waist Tool Pouches are usually used with a tool belt, see the post ‘Tool Pouch Manufacturer‘ for more information.

  • Come with plenty of pockets, loops, slots and holders for organizing tools or hardware
  • They can be fixed on the user’s waist, which is very convenient to carry
  • Open top for easy access
  • Small size and capacity
  • Cannot store and protect tools well
Referenced Product
Toughbuilt Tool Pouch
Toughbuilt Tool Pouch
  • Padded 1680D polyester oxford
  • Rugged 6-Layer Construction
  • 2 large-capacity compartments
  • 23 pockets and loops
  • Heavy duty hammer loop
  • Notebook pocket
  • Heavy-duty rivet reinforcement

Zippered Tool Pouch

The Zippered Tool Pouches are a type of zippered closure tool pouches just like pen pouches, the Zippered Tool Pouches are usually only equipped with a small sized center compartment to store hand tools or small hardware.

  • Small size for easy carrying
  • Small capacity
  • Cannot protect tools or hardware well
Referenced Product
Klein Tools Zipper Tool Pouch
Klein Tools Zipper Tool Pouch
  • Made of heavy-duty No. 10 canvas
  • Heavy duty 8th brass zipper
  • Includes four assorted colors: olive, orange, royal blue, and yellow
  • Convenient storage for pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, nut drivers and other tools and spare parts
  • Also suitable for pen, pencil, or cash,etc

Tool Belt

Work Belt

The Work Belts are a type of tool belts that are tied around the user’s waist. they are usually used with waist tool pouches.

  • Used to hold tool pouches or other tool holders
  • they does not store or organize tools or hardware
Referenced Product
Toughbuilt Work Belt
Toughbuilt Work Belt
  • Made of heavy-duty belt buckle, and high quality webbing.
  • Featuring a unique self-customizable belt length
  • Optimized to work with all ClipTech™ pouches
  • Adjustable for 32″-48″ waists

Tool Pouch Belt

The Tool Pouch Belt is tool belt and tool pouch combo.

  • Easy carry
  • Attached on the waist of users, make it easy to access tools and hardware
  • Fatigue the user’s waist and back
Referenced Product
Toughbuilt Tool Pouch Belt set
Toughbuilt Tool Pouch Belt set
  • Made of 1680D polyester and Heavy duty webbing
  • Rugged 6-Layer Construction™
  • Includes 3 pouches, Padded Belt
  • Fits 32-48″ waists
  • 36 pockets and loops
  • Hammer loop

Tool Belt With Suspender

Adding suspender to tool pouch & belt, which makes this kind of products more comfortable to using

  • The suspender structure makes gravity act on the user’s whole body, protecting the user’s waist and back
  • Cumbersome to wear
Referenced Product
Toughbuilt Tool Belt With Suspender
Toughbuilt Tool Belt With Suspender
  • 1680D polyester oxford, heavy duty webbing, 3D air mesh cloth
  • Includes 3 pouches, Padded Belt, Padded Suspenders
  • Belt fits 32-48″ waists, suspender fits most sizes of body
  • Notebook pocket, rafter square pocket, separate tape measure pouch, hammer loop, and 2 tape measure clips
  • Rivet reinforcement
  • Integrated kickstands allow pouches and tools to stand on the floor or table

Bucket Tool Bag

5 Gallon Bucket Tool Bag

The 5 Gallon Bucket Tool Bags are a type of tool bags specially fixed on the 5 gallon bucket. The interior space of the 5 gallon bucket can used to store a lot of things. In addition, the 5 Gallon Bucket Tool Bag provides pockets, loops , slots which can be used to organize a variety of hand tools or hardware.

  • Plenty of pockets, loops or slots make it easy to store and organize tools or hardware
  • Foldable design, the product goods are easy to store and transport
Referenced Product
Klein Tools Bucket Tool Bag
Klein Tools Bucket Tool Bag
  • 600 denier oxford with PVC coating
  • 45 pockets and chain tape thong
  • 3 tool sleeves, 1 power tool/cord sleeve, and 6 universal pockets
  • 9 driver pockets, 11 pliers pockets, 11 utility pockets, 2 wire stripper pockets and 2 closeable pockets
  • FIts for 5 gallon bucket

Bucket-less Tool Organizer

The Bucket-less Tool Organizers are a kind of tool buckets which are mainly made of fabric and EPE foam

Referenced Product
Milwaukee Bucket-less Tool Organizer
Milwaukee Bucket-less Tool Organizer
  • 600 Denier Ripstop Polyester Material for durability and tear resistance
  • 50 total pockets of assorted shapes and sizes provide limitless storage options
  • Padded handles provide comfort when carrying
  • Internal hammer loop
  • Bucket-less design

Tool Roll

The Tool Rolls, also known as Roll Up Tool Bags or Tool Roll Bags, are a type of roll used to store, organize, and carry tools or hardware. They needs to be unfolded when used, so that tools can be accessed, and can be carried after being rolled up.

  • Plenty of pockets, loops or slots for easy storage and organization of tools
  • Small size for easy carrying
  • Small capacity, unable to store large tools
Referenced Product
CLC Tool Roll Bag
CLC Tool Roll Bag
  • 600 Denier Ripstop Polyester
  • Dimension: 28″W x 14″H
  • 32 pockets and heavy-duty elastic loops keep tools in position
  • Carrying handle for easy transport.
  • Adjustable quick-release buckle fastens pouch when not in use

Rolling Tool Bag

The Rolling Tool Bags are a type of tool bags that can be carried like rolling tool box, usually with rigid body and equipped with trolley bar and wheels system.

  • Large size for storing large tools or hardware
  • Trolley bar and wheel system make it easy to transport the tools
  • Goods of Rolling Tool Bag are expensive to store and transport
Referenced Product
Klein Tools Rolling Tool Bag
Klein Tools Rolling Tool Bag
  • Water resistant 1680d ballistic weave
  • Heavy-duty metal telescoping handle
  • 200-pound (90.7 kg) loading capacity
  • Reinforced metal frame
  • 24 pockets for maximum tool storage
  • 6-Inch wheels easily handle rough terrain

Technician Tool Bag

The Technician Tool Bag are a type of tool briefcase made of fabric, HDPE sheet or card sheet, which is usually equipped with multiple compartments to store tools, hardware and even laptops or documents.

  • Multiple pockets for easy organization of tools
  • Tools, hardware, laptop or documents can be well protected
  • Handle and shoulder strap allowed them easy to carry
  • Small capacity, unable to store large tools
Referenced Product
BAHCO Laptop Tool Bag
BAHCO Laptop Tool Bag
  • Combination of Denier 600 & 1680 polyester fabrics
  • Waterproof PP hard bottom
  • Includes two side detachable sections with different tool pockets
  • PVC overmolded zips
  • Central big padded compartment for laptop and similar delicate instruments
  • Padded shoulder strap with clicking adjustment

Other Tool Storage Bag

Rigid Tool Bag

Chunky body and zipper closure lid.

Stanley Rigid Tool Bag
  • 18-Inch Round Top Rigid Tool Bag
  • Made from heavy duty 600 denier fabric
  • Load capacity: 20kg
  • Front secured zip compartment ideal for storing personal belongings.
  • Injected polypropylene bottom as well as enclosed top zip
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap and rubber grip handle for comfort

Drawstring Tool Bag (Rivet Bag)

The Drawstring Tool Bag (also known as Rivet Bag or Parachute Tool Bag ) are a type of tool bags for storing and organizing small accessories such as nails

Bucket Boss Parachute Drawstring Tool Bag
Bucket Boss Parachute Drawstring Tool Bag
  • Canvas dividers for easy compression of pockets
  • Reinforced poly ripstop pockets and bottom
  • Stacks 3-4 deep in most 5 gallon buckets
  • 19 Pockets: 6 interior, 13 exterior

Hanging Tool Bag

Be hung on pegboard, wall, cartor or shelf

Hanging Tool Panel Bag
Hanging Tool Panel Bag
  • Durable: 600D Polyester, four 1” metal grommet holes
  • Spacious versatile design with 30 various size gusseted pockets to organize and store tools
  • using 4 built-in metal grommets at each corner to hook and hang on pegboard, wall or cart
  • Large open size 29” x 24”. Fold once to 29” x 12” or 3 times to a portable 14” x 12” x 3” size

Ladder Tool Bag

The Ladder Tool Bags are a type of tool bags that can be attached to ladder. It’s dangerous to put whether gate mouth tool bag or open top tool tote on ladder, because they would easily fall off. But the Ladder Tool Bags solve this problem perfectly, they can be fastened to the ladder, so that the workers using the ladder can easily access the tools.

Little Giant Ladder Tool Bag
Little Giant Ladder Tool Bag
  • Made of ballistic nylon and steel
  • A sturdy tool bag that attaches to ladder to keep tools at hand
  • Fits on the top rung of the ladder and can be placed in between ladder’s rungs

Cable Bag

The Cable Bags are a type of tool bags mainly used to store cables

Bucket Boss Cable Bag
Bucket Boss Cable Bag
  • 600 denier ripstop poly water-resistant fabric
  • Designed to efficiently store jumper cables, extension cords, a 25 ft. hose, or towing cables
  • Can be stored with spare wheel
  • Exterior storage pocket

Other Tool Storage Gear

Tool Vest

tool vest

A type of vests that can be used on the jobsite to store tools or hardware.

Tool Apron

tool apron

A type of aprons that can be used to store tools, cookware or hardware

Tool Wristband

tool wristband

A type of magnet padded wristbands for attracting screws, rivets or other metal accessories



Hi, I'm Daniel, CEO of a professional tool bag manufacturer---IRONLAND, we spacialized in tool bag industry and business since 2003. And the purpose of these articles is to share with you the knowledge related to tool bag industry from a Chinese supplier's perspective.

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